Friday, May 16, 2014

Snails Instinct

Howzat? Gardeners urged to go snail bowling via Yahoo News Digest Get the app and the day's need-to-know news.

Interesting insight. Snails that are thrown over the fence have the likelihood of re-appearing in your lawn. However, if brought 20 metres apart, they are most probably gone forever.

What about human's instinct?

*random article read in klia2 - FLIGHT DELAY*

Sunday, May 11, 2014


箴言 20:5 CCB

人心的谋略如深水, 唯有哲士才能汲取。

How true is that. Wisdom to live a life with purpose, indeed is a treasure.

Rock Climb

Rock Climb. Always look so easy but when I'm really in it, one word, HELP! Haha. It was funny but learnt new things with new people. It's quite addictive. New sports to attempt other than hiking! :) For the record, I was that close to the top. *Sigh.....

Monday, May 5, 2014

Human behaviors

Human behaviors are very interesting. Always enjoy watching how human respond to circunstances.

Scenario 1:
Train to Sentul Timur faces some technical issue and thus have to end at Chan Sow Lin.

A: Oh no! We won't be able to enter class if we are late by 30 minutes.
B: Don't worry. Last time we used to be late also. Still can enter.
A: But that was diploma time. Now we are Degree.

Me: *Silently thinking. I didnt know rules are split into diploma and degree level. Interesting.

At Chan Sow Lin station... waited awhile before train arrived. Got pushed into the train and became sandwich...
Few ladies at the door...

A: Please..just bit more space..
B: *Pulling A in.
A: Why la stuck...
Finally managed to squeeze in.

Me: *Silently thinking. Don't understand what is stuck. Apparently we are stuck in the train and you decided to join in ba.

Haha.. think my mind is not processing.. but human say the funniest thing when situation arises.. only.. stop and listen, listen,listen...