Friday, June 10, 2011


As I was just chilling in my room, I found something to do. Stalking. Proud to say i’m a stalker. hehe. I don’t know how others consider wanting to know how an old friend is doing is, some consider stalking some say its caring. Whatever it is, i just did it. haha.

Slowly memories unfold. As I walk through every memory I have, I realize all memories may it be small, big, happy, sad, I treasure every single one of it. There was no regret in going through each of it. The only thing that really hurts is the outcome of it. To lose a friend… thats what i’m talking about. I have gone past the stage of regretting what happened, knowing what happened brings us to another door. It is not easy to have a friend, furthermore first true friend i ever had. The commitment to be honest to one another and to go through each trial and challenges together, the promises made to hold on to each other no matter what happened.. It was all gone because of a decision I made. I’m not regretting of making the decision. I am feeling sad that I lost… a friend.

I know there is nothing I can say nor do. For I have hurt my friend too much. I sincerely apologize, even though apologizing will not bring back the friendship we had. I believe it will not be easy for my friend to trust or even to forget. The only thing i can do is wish my friend all the best. In finding the true life that is ahead… I wish you well my friend.. being who you are to people are around you. All I can say is… you will forever be my friend, even if it is one sided. I look forward to seeing you in heaven… Be there. Remember to not waste your life away but to chase after what is eternity. You are so much more than what you are now. Find it and make it happen. Be changed by the Holy Spirit as you seek Him everyday.

Thank you Lord, for everything you have given me in my life. I believe there are more to come. Thank you thank you and forever thank you!