Monday, February 28, 2011

Little little things around…

As I step into LRT, I saw this person sitting there, looking so familiar..and Oh! Its Shu Hon! haha. I was shocked to see him and him to see me as well so randomly in LRT. talked bit. realized he is doing something totally unrelated to his field. But Form 6 helped in his current job. Thanks to Ms Sim Smile 

As I said farewell to my one time coincidence with Shu Hon, I step out at Bandar Tasik Selatan and as usual, climb the staircase to reach to the exit. I saw this lady walking slowly up the staircase. Something told me to do something. But what? My heart calls me to do something. But I don’t know what and in the end I didn’t. I walked pass and continue on my way. At the back of my head I thought, ‘What if?’ There are chances of me actually stopping and help or even talked. Why didn’t I? I keep looking back at her but I did not take any action. I am such a pathetic person Sad smile 

As I exit the LRT, I walked and wait for my transport. In front of me I saw this two girl(no race is mention to avoid any discrimination, but gender is of no issue here as probability of this happen to both gender is equally high). This two girl, talked and laughed nonstop. This was not the part that caught my attention. It was their actions, towards each other. I would understand if this scene were to happen to a couple(though I would disagree of over PDA(public display affection)). But to two girls??? I think I would not explain further to avoid any imaginations which leads to sin in the mind. This is how open Malaysians are nowadays. I agree with brother Michael when he say that some fashion that we have here is worse than in overseas. Some actions we see here is worse than overseas. *Probably you may think I’m just too outdated but its my blog Smile with tongue out

While waiting, my attention shifted to another guy by the rubbish bin. I believe he is the one who helps to sweep and clean and take care of the cleanliness of the LRT. He was throwing away rubbish when he took this umbrella and look at it curiously. I continue with my observation. He took the umbrella, gently pat away the dust, and open it. He looked and checked. Everything seems ok. Finally, he took it out and place it outside the rubbish bin. This makes me realize, how many rubbish that ain’t rubbish have we disposed of everyday? Many people live without all these and here we are disposing like no one’s business. Ain’t it such a shame.

*This is just an update. Nothing much. Please do not try this at home Smile Lesson learnt, always take action when there’s a chance to help others. Be watchful of your words and actions as it causes others to stumble. Lastly, be very careful with the way you treat things you have as there are others who do not have these blessings Smile Good nite!

Friday, February 11, 2011

I have been thinking…

...has been a while since i drop by. Looking back at my 1 month here in KL, I have decided to actually note down little things that has happened here...

Arrival at my new 6 months home

Many thanks to my coursemate, Shaer Ling, for housing me for this 6 months. Thinking that I actually wanted to depend on my own intelligence and independence when God has open a way for me. IGNORANCE I called it :) Happy I took my mom's and clic's advice. Just like the phrase, (Only applicable to MOM only)


Journey starts in PWC

Training (5 days)

-Info overload

-competitive environment




Working ( 2 months)

-Long train rides (from STAR BTS-MJ-PUTRA-KJ) - cost me RM4.10 per trip but but but... God has arranged a senior who stays in SS that is so willing to pick me up there and also drop me back there - $$$ reduced to RM 0.70 per trip.

Terms and condition apply :

4 Exceptional case : Monday morning, Friday after work,if i'm asked to go back 5.30pm,the day before(evening) and after(morning) public holiday

-No full access to system (Not necessary for now).

-Meeting friendly clients (Plus FOOD)

-Exploring the places around client's office for lunch (EAT AGAIN!)

Church visitation



Transportation is a big Big BIG problem. According to my sis, i'm TRANSPORT HANDICAPPED. However, God is TRANSPORT-ABLE. Now its just up to me for the rest of 6 months. TO or NOT TO :)


-Wilbur, Monica, Justin! (crazy fellas)

-Monica's family!!! (wonderful host)

-Nishanti the 2nd GF!!! (plus she is my transport REFERENCE :p)

-Eunice and family! Can you believe i'm actually AUNTY ESTHER?

-Sam(Shaer Ling's Friend-Tumpang to Penang once! Weird and funny philosophy he has there about parenting. HAHAHA)

-Shu Hsuan, Ben, Joshua, Shaer Ling, Jiann Siang (@ Quattro)-Not going back there NO WAY. It's a FORBIDDEN activity in my list from now on. SKY BAR high class for drink cocktail still acceptable :)

-Sit Chess and Cui Wen at office.

New friends

-Victor Druce from Sibu, currently studying in Swinburne, now interning in PwC.

-Teammates: Dorris, Teik Zhek, Sheela

Accidentally met...

-Mei Mei in PwC

-Han Yang in MJ

-Jia Ahn in FGT

-others which i can't remember your name i'm so sorry... if i meet you again i will remember! :)

The LAST but not LEAST... (for now)


How did ants get into my room? I check check and check, and finally decided to watch the ants. High and Low. Far and Near. Undertable, Abovetable. FINALLY...

It came out through a funny tunnel at the side of the cupboard!!!

What should I do, what should I do?

1st option : celotape! DON'T have!

2nd option : anything solid! DON'T have!

3rd option : Paper! too big piece can't go into the tunnel!

4th option : use toilet paper to block tunnel! IT WORKED!! (for now)

More to come... :) :)