Thursday, October 14, 2010


Hehehe…its the auspicious date for 2010. And it happens to be me birthday! me birthday! me birthday! haha.. 101010… *digi sings along!*

This is just a post to remind meself of me memorable 101010 :)

Special thanks to…

first category

1)Clicky and Daddy and Clicky parents

2)Melissa & Bernard, Luke, Aaron Gan and Daniel Wong

3)Heather, Joy, Raymond

4)Susu, Meng Yang, Julie Lambert, Han Guo, Cicak

5)Alina, Ling Xiang, Zhen Lik, Ying Hui

6)Ying Ying

second category


2)PKA friends

3)Church friends




I believe there are actually more…but for now i will write this only. head spinning coz tired d. haha.. bt thanks ppl :) for such memorable and wonderful days :) thank you once again and over again :) hehehe…