Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MoonCAT Festival :)

Mooncake Festival

Shu Hsuan : At home, we never see this day as a day that is special. Just normal day. What so special about it? But when we come to uni, this day seems really special :)

Han Guo :  (To Esther) Don’t sound so sad. You know, few days back i heard in the radio this someone say ‘mooncake festival you should go back home…” My heart was like la zhu la zhu kam…

Esther : Yay! today got reunion dinner and can eat mooncake and limteh lk one family. haha.. (to susu) i eat the mooncake without cutting it. Just bite into it. It was so nice. haha..Let’s go buy more later. I want moocake!

Shu Hsuan : What?!?! you just bite into the whole big piece and eat? No wonder you got stomach ache!

Wee Jyeh : You eat the whole piece? Later you get DIABETES! Eh eh…tonight come for dinner la… *nudge nudge*

Meng yang : tonight you coming for dinner? aha…finally? Eh time we must book your so busy one..always so hard to book you….

Darling : Yay! can come and see you :)

Esther :  yay yay! can see darling too. hehehe…

Parts and pieces from conversations of a wonderful day :) Thanks to Lee Shu Hsuan, Ngu Wee Jyeh, Liu Meng Yang, Lee Ee Hun, Clictus Teh (Darling).

*Special thanks to mooncake from Lee Shu Hsuan and Alina :)