Monday, May 31, 2010

Two more up!

Cheese Tart

This one has been quite some time. Taste…WEIRD. haha.but edible still :) First experience. so hehehe… i forgive myself :p

DSC01740 I’m satisfied :p

The next one i’m not satisfied. Not enough butter.haha. They called it the ‘Basic Yellow Cake’ :)

DSC01750Yellow??? Looks brown… haha..

Last one for the day…made it today. Looks weird…taste acceptable :) and i’m full with one only! hahaha…

DSC01803 the moment i believe my tummy need some rest from all the fat! ahha… now awaiting for tomorrow! mount singeh…burn fat! yay! :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Dell Inspiron 1420 Sound Problem Solved! :)

If you have a problem with speaker or sound after you upgrade to windows 7, try this website. After 4 hours of trying, this is the only one that works :) so… HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! :)

which leads to;posts


ADDITIONAL problem… SOLVED! haha. this time its touchpad driver problem :)

here’s how you can solve it.

Go to the column with download from publisher’s website and click on dell inspiron 1420 touchpad. download and restart and happy my laptop is back to normal :p i love dell :)


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Traffic light?

Traffic light is like our life.


GREEN means go.

YELLOW means prepare to stop.

RED means STOP.


So… how exactly is the traffic light in our life?



When we are suppose to go, do we go? or do we just stay where we are? This has always been something that we are not sure. Some may be so adventurous they think in their life everything is green light. Some may be always worried to the point they always have no green light in their life. So what are the consequences? Too adventurous leads to risk unforeseen. Too cowardy leads to doors that are remain closed.

If this is the case, when exactly is the green light in our life? How do we know when to go? Ponder upon it.



This is another light that is very important. There has always been signals or intuition or warning for things that happen around us. For traffic light, it means to beware of the red light and prepare to stop. For us?? Well, it applies too. There are so many times in life where yellow light appear. But do we heed it? Do we actually take into consideration the yellow light? Many of us see the green and red, but not the yellow. However, it is mostly this yellow light that leads you to the right or wrong decision. This could be advice or your intuition also.



STOP! STOP! STOP! how many times have the red light blink in our life? the frequency of it blinking even increases to the point it stops. or worse, burst. But still, do we take the slightest notice of it? Just like people who dont stop at red light (which i experience recently), going past red light, freaked me out. Not just that, it comes with insecurity. My mind was going, ‘OH NO! What if there’s another car who bang into me? What if there is police? What if what if?… Endless what if and insecurity. Why do i want life like this? This feeling portrays the feeling of the criminals, always living in fear of being hunt down or shot. Just one of this small mistake, it will haunt you for life.




I have to admit. I have both 3 lights in my past 22 years. I’m suppose to be living in fear, not knowing when is my turn to be caught. Not knowing when accusation will be thrown to my face. Not knowing when my mistakes will be revealed. FEAR.

FEAR? I believe everyone have their mistakes. Everyone has their past. Well, as said, PAST. If you want to carry it with you for the rest of your life, be my guest. But there is a way out, which i was revealed to. You may ask, ‘WHAT? What does this have to do with getting rid of fear?’

God has given us a choice. He has sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins. If he has taken our sins, that means we are free from it (only if you choose to believe and to ask for forgiveness through prayer and follow him by living a Christ like life). And He has given us a choice to come to Him. How many of us actually have the chance to come before a King or son of a King? Well, now we have. We have access through our Lord Jesus Christ. However, that does not mean we can continue to sin. Yes, Jesus Christ took away our sins. But God is holy. He cannot tolerate sins. He has said that there will be JUDGEMENT DAY. Therefore, remember the traffic light in your life. Remember what Jesus Christ had to do to save us. Remember nothing comes for free. A price is paid. I am saved, by the power vested in Jesus Christ, whom God has given to redeem us by cleansing us of our sins. AMEN.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Who’s the conqueress!!! I AM! :p

To begin with, this year i conquer a few things… :)

I’m a conqueror of spicy food! so i thought… hehe…

at the moment i had curry maggi, beef curry noodle, prawn noodle, and laksa. but none satisfying than cup curry maggi :p (MW say curry maggi not good enough. must try tom yam.) one day, when i am craving. so far nothing has been nicer than maggi curry :(


and and and…i made polo bun! ahha..though not 100% successful, but at least i got edible buns. and its not that bad :)


what else what else, actually got quite a few but not as significant as i conquer my spciynness phobia and also me finally getting down to baking! haha… at least the starting my holidays is heading somewhere :) more to come… if i get down to actually buying all the ingredients. hehe… yum yum… satisfied but will grow fat :( guess it comes in one. happy holiday people! :)

* I realize i have been generalizing things a lot and saying things without thinking…oh my mouth! need some polish and discipline :) holiday is just the way to do it with eating more and talking less. haha..

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I want to ask, “HOW?”

I was talking to someone.

She was planning to do her usual ritual practice. worshipping the gods of the kitchen. I ask,

Why do you need to worship the gods of kitchen?

To ensure the whole family is safe and no harm may come to them.

How do you know the gods of kitchen exist?

It is something ritual that have been done since my ancestors.

But why have to do every end of the month?

There are two. One for gods of kitchen one for ancestors. It is something carried down and inherited.

Why do you need to worship the dead and burn fake money and present all the food before them?

This is all true. When they are up there, their souls will need clothes and food. At times when they need all this, they will send a message to you through dream. If you want to know how they are, can ask the ‘lo tang’ people. They are interpretor of the gods above. They can help to bring message to you and let you know how they are.

So… how? It is so different. Its hard to actually relate. I mean, if you would think about it, souls, we believe there are souls. But, why do humans need to burn things for the dead? Why do the dead need things from the world? haha. No offence to people who practice this. Just a food of thought for the day. My humble mind can’t comprehend all this. Please enlighten me on this issue :) I am jus curious. hehe..

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Ok… i have to say… this should not be repeated… haha… but i have to say this…

God is good to me… a few days back…on Saturday night (1/5/2010), it really freaked me out. I was anxious and seriously worried. And when this happens, usually i lose my focus.

Situation : Test on tues and wed

Problem : I haven’t touch my book for those two subject

Challenge : Going for cave expedition

On saturday night, i came back…with a heavy heart. I told my coursemates i haven’t start studying. They were like, WHAT?!? it got me really anxious.

I sat down, told God, “God, i’m really sorry for not planning my time well for this time’s exam. I ask for your forgiveness for not focusing for this exam. But Lord, you know what this trip meant to me. And i didn’t do it for the sake of fun. Now, i just want to surrender this into your hands, knowing there is no way i can do anything, and if i was given a choice, i would make the same one again. Father, i pray that i will be able to focus, be able to finish studying. Let me have peace at heart and don’t be anxious. AMEN.’

Hehe. and amazingly, for the first time, i was able to calm down and study. yes,i study till late night. But, my focus was there. you know the feeling when you study a while and can’t get more into your head? That didn’t happen this time at all. ahha.. God is amazing isn’t it? No I don’t use God as last minute resort. He is always there. AMEN for that.

And for the two papers, amazingly i came out earlier. ahah. of course with the last minute studying, i don’t know what i will get. and i don’t dare to expect too much. But, i believe what i deserve is what i will get :) God is good, all the time. Don’t believe me? get to know God. Don’t look for God when you want Him to help you settle stuff. Look for Him, because you know you need Him. Without Him, there will always be an incomplete part in your life :) Yes or no, your choice my friend..hehe.. WHAT CAN YOU LOSE? you tell me..haha..