Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Have you ever came back from outside, walk into the bathroom, and realize there’s no water coming out from the pipe or shower? have you ever try walking around looking for water…trying your best to track where the gushing sound of water is coming from? have you ever face the dilemma of no water? I just did…all that just happen to me…

I dont know why..but this is the first time i realize i’m so afraid…not afraid of no water only, but there is something else that bothers me. How penang would be like in a few years time? Why my dream distrubs me so much? I know all these may be just the effect of not sleeping properly…but what if its not?

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Experience speaks for itself : Melancholy Thongs

This is an article i came across in one of my sis’s friends just to share… :)

I thought long and hard while I had my leisure shower. I have been doing a lot of thinking (or worrying rather, since that puts things in a clearer context) and I am mentally tired. Of course it’s self inflicted, you allow yourself to be worried.

I decided to put this post up to serve as a reminder to myself and those of you out there who may find this relevant to your situation. I gathered some of these through experience, some from reading and listening to people from all walks of life. Do note that everyone is different; one mans meat could be another man’s poison and this is MY view. Your view may vary, so please use your own wisdom to sieve out what’s irrelevant.

  1. Marriage is all about endurance, long suffering and hard work. It’s no honeymoon from then on and is bigger than a relationship: it’s now a partnership. I don’t believe in divorce and Marriage is NOT just a license to have sex; it is a lifetime commitment, compromise and constant battle to strike balance between each other along with their differences.
  2. When you argue and it seems like nobody is ready to listen, answer, “point taken,” instead of that long blasting sentence you were ready to spew in blind anger. It’s good to acknowledge you heard their opinion, even though you’re not ready to agree with them. They, on the other hand, just want affirmation – at least they know you will think about what they just said.
  3. Start with yourself. Even if you’re butt lazy like me who depends on other people to set the example first. Can’t just sit around and wait and feel sorry for myself. Be the example coz examples are easier to accept. With time who knows, they might catch on. Remember it is a partnership, never let things drag you or your faith and hope down. Allow down times, but take turns. Don’t break that bond with God coz He is what's holding you two together. So try not to end up BOTH feeling down and unable to support the other.
  4. You may talk the talk, but remember to walk the walk. Don’t preach what you cannot do unless it is not your sermon. Examine yourself, if you are a testimony, before you advice others.
  5. Count to 10 when mad… Try … and please take time to THINK instead of spewing whatever that comes to mind first. Chances are you may blurt what you don’t really mean. Take time to practice how to place your words. You’d be amazed at how the other can perceive you on a completely different perception (e.g. “I’m sorry I hurt you” and “I’m sorry you’re hurt”).
  6. Give benefit of a doubt that if the same thing gets repeated complaints, perhaps I should look into it? Humble myself coz there’s a chance I could be wrong or maybe something I missed? The only time a person really learns is when they are willing to listen
  7. Quality time is important. And quality here means undivided time. Multitasking in the background is not giving undivided time. Quality time is when you have your full focus on the person (Gary Chapman). Quality time is very important in a healthy relationship. Make time and stick to it.
  8. Try to be more positive and take a positive approach to the situation. Sometimes things are not as you assume. And nobody likes continued negative approach.
  9. Make a point to say nice things to each other and learn to listen more. Acknowledge and be attentive to improvements coz some of us run on appraisals to feel loved and need to make our efforts known.
  10. Pray, pray, pray and praise God that help is already on the way. It is always good to have a positive mindset. Better that, than losing hope and not telling the problem that nothing is too big for our God coz His work is finished on the cross. Know it, practice it faithfully.

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It has been long since i look back to that incident which happened. All this while it had never occurred to me how important and great is this testimony that I have. and i keep searching for a testimony.. this is just like trying to search for something that is in your hand. Why didn’t I just focus and stay on the path? Well…guess i was off the beat..i was off tune…

And today lesley just tune me back. On the 28 March 2010, I was tuned back to where i was. Looking at this in a different perspective. Years has pass…but something that God has let me experience will be deep inside.. 

28 MARCH 2010 – Lesley tuned me back :)