Monday, November 29, 2010

Home :)


It was a long awaiting period of 6 months. Up and downs in life, studies, relationships, adventures, all you can name it. Came back to find another surprise, or maybe its a norm. What can i say? I love my home Smile

Neways, this post is on the stress of exam. Or should i say, pre and post exam.

I will let the pictures do the talking. Pictures tell a thousand words. So pay attention Smile


Hello books!

It started with…


Don’t I look studious here? Searching searching searching… Oh my. Have I really studied all these? I’m SUPERWOMAN!


My eyes! so many words! It’s not processing…






That’s IT


Sleep is still of utmost importance.

I wonder, how is it that studying can be… study8

…when its suppose to be

happy studying


I guess it is still up to your own judgement when it comes to this.

In the end, this is what people come up with…


When stress, anything comes into mind. Mostly I would say its desperation that cause all this. How can study be what is mentioned as above?

Haha.. but but… NOW the third year first semester exam is over! haha.. by3 by3 exam and hello kuching… BON ADIOS! Smile



Thursday, October 14, 2010


Hehehe…its the auspicious date for 2010. And it happens to be me birthday! me birthday! me birthday! haha.. 101010… *digi sings along!*

This is just a post to remind meself of me memorable 101010 :)

Special thanks to…

first category

1)Clicky and Daddy and Clicky parents

2)Melissa & Bernard, Luke, Aaron Gan and Daniel Wong

3)Heather, Joy, Raymond

4)Susu, Meng Yang, Julie Lambert, Han Guo, Cicak

5)Alina, Ling Xiang, Zhen Lik, Ying Hui

6)Ying Ying

second category


2)PKA friends

3)Church friends




I believe there are actually more…but for now i will write this only. head spinning coz tired d. haha.. bt thanks ppl :) for such memorable and wonderful days :) thank you once again and over again :) hehehe…

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MoonCAT Festival :)

Mooncake Festival

Shu Hsuan : At home, we never see this day as a day that is special. Just normal day. What so special about it? But when we come to uni, this day seems really special :)

Han Guo :  (To Esther) Don’t sound so sad. You know, few days back i heard in the radio this someone say ‘mooncake festival you should go back home…” My heart was like la zhu la zhu kam…

Esther : Yay! today got reunion dinner and can eat mooncake and limteh lk one family. haha.. (to susu) i eat the mooncake without cutting it. Just bite into it. It was so nice. haha..Let’s go buy more later. I want moocake!

Shu Hsuan : What?!?! you just bite into the whole big piece and eat? No wonder you got stomach ache!

Wee Jyeh : You eat the whole piece? Later you get DIABETES! Eh eh…tonight come for dinner la… *nudge nudge*

Meng yang : tonight you coming for dinner? aha…finally? Eh time we must book your so busy one..always so hard to book you….

Darling : Yay! can come and see you :)

Esther :  yay yay! can see darling too. hehehe…

Parts and pieces from conversations of a wonderful day :) Thanks to Lee Shu Hsuan, Ngu Wee Jyeh, Liu Meng Yang, Lee Ee Hun, Clictus Teh (Darling).

*Special thanks to mooncake from Lee Shu Hsuan and Alina :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

21! :)

No idea how to put it in facebook. so so so… HAPPY BDAY TO MENG YANG!!!



Exalt the Lord our God

Exalt the Lord our God

And Worship at His footstool

Worship at His footstool

Holy is He

Holy is He

Monday, May 31, 2010

Two more up!

Cheese Tart

This one has been quite some time. Taste…WEIRD. haha.but edible still :) First experience. so hehehe… i forgive myself :p

DSC01740 I’m satisfied :p

The next one i’m not satisfied. Not enough butter.haha. They called it the ‘Basic Yellow Cake’ :)

DSC01750Yellow??? Looks brown… haha..

Last one for the day…made it today. Looks weird…taste acceptable :) and i’m full with one only! hahaha…

DSC01803 the moment i believe my tummy need some rest from all the fat! ahha… now awaiting for tomorrow! mount singeh…burn fat! yay! :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Dell Inspiron 1420 Sound Problem Solved! :)

If you have a problem with speaker or sound after you upgrade to windows 7, try this website. After 4 hours of trying, this is the only one that works :) so… HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! :)

which leads to;posts


ADDITIONAL problem… SOLVED! haha. this time its touchpad driver problem :)

here’s how you can solve it.

Go to the column with download from publisher’s website and click on dell inspiron 1420 touchpad. download and restart and happy my laptop is back to normal :p i love dell :)


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Traffic light?

Traffic light is like our life.


GREEN means go.

YELLOW means prepare to stop.

RED means STOP.


So… how exactly is the traffic light in our life?



When we are suppose to go, do we go? or do we just stay where we are? This has always been something that we are not sure. Some may be so adventurous they think in their life everything is green light. Some may be always worried to the point they always have no green light in their life. So what are the consequences? Too adventurous leads to risk unforeseen. Too cowardy leads to doors that are remain closed.

If this is the case, when exactly is the green light in our life? How do we know when to go? Ponder upon it.



This is another light that is very important. There has always been signals or intuition or warning for things that happen around us. For traffic light, it means to beware of the red light and prepare to stop. For us?? Well, it applies too. There are so many times in life where yellow light appear. But do we heed it? Do we actually take into consideration the yellow light? Many of us see the green and red, but not the yellow. However, it is mostly this yellow light that leads you to the right or wrong decision. This could be advice or your intuition also.



STOP! STOP! STOP! how many times have the red light blink in our life? the frequency of it blinking even increases to the point it stops. or worse, burst. But still, do we take the slightest notice of it? Just like people who dont stop at red light (which i experience recently), going past red light, freaked me out. Not just that, it comes with insecurity. My mind was going, ‘OH NO! What if there’s another car who bang into me? What if there is police? What if what if?… Endless what if and insecurity. Why do i want life like this? This feeling portrays the feeling of the criminals, always living in fear of being hunt down or shot. Just one of this small mistake, it will haunt you for life.




I have to admit. I have both 3 lights in my past 22 years. I’m suppose to be living in fear, not knowing when is my turn to be caught. Not knowing when accusation will be thrown to my face. Not knowing when my mistakes will be revealed. FEAR.

FEAR? I believe everyone have their mistakes. Everyone has their past. Well, as said, PAST. If you want to carry it with you for the rest of your life, be my guest. But there is a way out, which i was revealed to. You may ask, ‘WHAT? What does this have to do with getting rid of fear?’

God has given us a choice. He has sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins. If he has taken our sins, that means we are free from it (only if you choose to believe and to ask for forgiveness through prayer and follow him by living a Christ like life). And He has given us a choice to come to Him. How many of us actually have the chance to come before a King or son of a King? Well, now we have. We have access through our Lord Jesus Christ. However, that does not mean we can continue to sin. Yes, Jesus Christ took away our sins. But God is holy. He cannot tolerate sins. He has said that there will be JUDGEMENT DAY. Therefore, remember the traffic light in your life. Remember what Jesus Christ had to do to save us. Remember nothing comes for free. A price is paid. I am saved, by the power vested in Jesus Christ, whom God has given to redeem us by cleansing us of our sins. AMEN.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Who’s the conqueress!!! I AM! :p

To begin with, this year i conquer a few things… :)

I’m a conqueror of spicy food! so i thought… hehe…

at the moment i had curry maggi, beef curry noodle, prawn noodle, and laksa. but none satisfying than cup curry maggi :p (MW say curry maggi not good enough. must try tom yam.) one day, when i am craving. so far nothing has been nicer than maggi curry :(


and and and…i made polo bun! ahha..though not 100% successful, but at least i got edible buns. and its not that bad :)


what else what else, actually got quite a few but not as significant as i conquer my spciynness phobia and also me finally getting down to baking! haha… at least the starting my holidays is heading somewhere :) more to come… if i get down to actually buying all the ingredients. hehe… yum yum… satisfied but will grow fat :( guess it comes in one. happy holiday people! :)

* I realize i have been generalizing things a lot and saying things without thinking…oh my mouth! need some polish and discipline :) holiday is just the way to do it with eating more and talking less. haha..

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I want to ask, “HOW?”

I was talking to someone.

She was planning to do her usual ritual practice. worshipping the gods of the kitchen. I ask,

Why do you need to worship the gods of kitchen?

To ensure the whole family is safe and no harm may come to them.

How do you know the gods of kitchen exist?

It is something ritual that have been done since my ancestors.

But why have to do every end of the month?

There are two. One for gods of kitchen one for ancestors. It is something carried down and inherited.

Why do you need to worship the dead and burn fake money and present all the food before them?

This is all true. When they are up there, their souls will need clothes and food. At times when they need all this, they will send a message to you through dream. If you want to know how they are, can ask the ‘lo tang’ people. They are interpretor of the gods above. They can help to bring message to you and let you know how they are.

So… how? It is so different. Its hard to actually relate. I mean, if you would think about it, souls, we believe there are souls. But, why do humans need to burn things for the dead? Why do the dead need things from the world? haha. No offence to people who practice this. Just a food of thought for the day. My humble mind can’t comprehend all this. Please enlighten me on this issue :) I am jus curious. hehe..

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Ok… i have to say… this should not be repeated… haha… but i have to say this…

God is good to me… a few days back…on Saturday night (1/5/2010), it really freaked me out. I was anxious and seriously worried. And when this happens, usually i lose my focus.

Situation : Test on tues and wed

Problem : I haven’t touch my book for those two subject

Challenge : Going for cave expedition

On saturday night, i came back…with a heavy heart. I told my coursemates i haven’t start studying. They were like, WHAT?!? it got me really anxious.

I sat down, told God, “God, i’m really sorry for not planning my time well for this time’s exam. I ask for your forgiveness for not focusing for this exam. But Lord, you know what this trip meant to me. And i didn’t do it for the sake of fun. Now, i just want to surrender this into your hands, knowing there is no way i can do anything, and if i was given a choice, i would make the same one again. Father, i pray that i will be able to focus, be able to finish studying. Let me have peace at heart and don’t be anxious. AMEN.’

Hehe. and amazingly, for the first time, i was able to calm down and study. yes,i study till late night. But, my focus was there. you know the feeling when you study a while and can’t get more into your head? That didn’t happen this time at all. ahha.. God is amazing isn’t it? No I don’t use God as last minute resort. He is always there. AMEN for that.

And for the two papers, amazingly i came out earlier. ahah. of course with the last minute studying, i don’t know what i will get. and i don’t dare to expect too much. But, i believe what i deserve is what i will get :) God is good, all the time. Don’t believe me? get to know God. Don’t look for God when you want Him to help you settle stuff. Look for Him, because you know you need Him. Without Him, there will always be an incomplete part in your life :) Yes or no, your choice my friend..hehe.. WHAT CAN YOU LOSE? you tell me..haha..

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Raining…. flies and fish? o_o

yesterday it rain! hooray! haha..but it made me so sleepy i didn’t get to study much :( *regret regret*

but but but…today…i have a story to tell. or more to a discovery :)

in the toilet…


now i’m starting to wonder…why do these flies appear during rainy season…then after one night all of them fall on the ground? what is the purpose of their existence? yet to be researched…when i finish exam and get down to doing it, i will find out.. ADVENTURE awaits… :)

not enough not enough…another discovery…

on my way down to the canteen for lunch… at the LONG WINDY staircase to my beloved hostel, SAUJANA, i found this…


believe me! this is not a cooked fish! look at the blood..look at the skin… what on earth is this doing on the staircase? did it just rain fish? whats this? end of the world? see the sky is like starting to get dark… (haha..this part i just made it up). you know like in a movie..the sky will slowly get dark… ahah… anyway..back to the fish…

so fishy on staircase…how did it get there? a mystery.

and and and…the cat that pass by…sniff sniff…then never eat it pun…now cats don’t eat fish?

muahahahhahahahahah….i’m crazy… :) interesting world we are in…interesting in good and bad way…depends on how you live in it :) have fun studying people..or to those who finish (ish!) have fun holidaying :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Emails on rape drug 'make sense'

Importance of naming beneficiary


NAMING beneficiaries to your Employees Provident Fund account will help prevent any dispute in claiming the money you have left behind.

It is an assurance that your savings will go to your intended beneficiaries, and in the process, expedites the payment to your loved ones in the event of your death.

In the interest of securing the future of your loved ones, you are encouraged and advised to specify the name of the individual or individuals you intend to leave your savings to.

Q: So how do I nominate?

A: Making a nomination is easy. All you need to do is complete the KWSP 4 (AHL) Form and submit the form to the nearest EPF office. The form can also be downloaded from the EPF website at

Q: Can I name more than one nominee?

A: Yes, you can name more than one nominee to receive your EPF savings upon death.

You are required to list their names in KWSP 4 (AHL) Form and specify the percentage that each beneficiary will receive.

Q: Can I change my beneficiaries?

A: Yes, and you should do so whenever circumstances change, such as marriage, divorce, additional new members or the death of a nominated beneficiary. To change your beneficiary, simply complete a new KWSP 4 (AHL) Form. This will automatically cancel any earlier nomination made.

Q: Who can be authorised as a witness of my nomination?

A: Anyone aged 18 and above can be the witness of your nomination, provided that he or she is not your nominated beneficiary.

Q: What about nomination for Muslim members?

A: For Muslim contributors, the beneficiary named can only act as an administrator/executor who will be responsible for distributing the savings of the deceased to the rightful heirs in accordance with the Faraid Law.

Q: Does a will supersede a nomination?

A: No, it doesn't. If you have made an EPF nomination, your nominee(s) shall be entitled to your EPF savings regardless of what is stated in your will.

By the same token, a marriage or a divorce will not revoke any EPF nomination made. As such, it is imperative that members update their nominations should the need arise.

Q: Can my nomination be revoked?

A: Yes, your nomination is automatically revoked upon the following circumstances:

- Upon the death of the nominee during your lifetime;

- By notice of revocation made by you as contributor;

- By subsequent nomination made by you as contributor;

- Upon making age 55 withdrawal; leaving the country; making the incapacitation withdrawal, and pensionable employees.

Q: What happens to my EPF savings if I fail to nominate?

A: In the absence of nominating your beneficiaries, the EPF will pay the savings of the deceased to the next of kin that in its opinion, has the right to receive the savings.

If a contributor's EPF savings were less than RM25,000:

- Initial sum of RM2,500 will be paid to the next of kin.

- The balance will be paid after a two-month period from the date of the member's death.

If a contributor's EPF savings is more than RM25,000:

- Initially, a sum of RM2,500 will be paid to the next of kin.

- The second payment (not more than RM17,500) will be paid to the next of kin two months from the date of the member's death.

- The balance of the savings will be paid upon submitting the Letter of Administration/grant of probate/distribution order/Faraid certificate from the party that administers estates such as Amanah Raya Berhad, the court or the Land Office respectively. The process of obtaining these documents is time-consuming in addition to requiring fees to be paid. Nominating beneficiaries to your EPF savings account is essentially free.

Q: Can I check my nomination?

A: Yes, by visiting the nearest EPF office and producing your identification card/MyKad over the counter for verification purposes. Alternatively, you can write to: Nomination Unit, Registration Section, The EPF Petaling Jaya Office, EPF Building, Jalan Gasing, 46598 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. You are required to mail a copy of your identity card/MyKad together with your letter.

Q: When will payment be made to my nominee?

A: If you have made a nomination, immediate payment will be made to your beneficiaries upon your death.

<b>For further enquiries on how to nominate, please contact the nearest EPF office or log on to</b>

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Flash back

I remembered. At Penang Hill. A man once told me. “Start praying for your future husband. That wherever he is, that he continues to grow in the Lord. And that the Lord will keep him from falling or sway.” That man was RT.

I did. A silent prayer. That is what does it all :) At times things least expected happened. And things that you expect backfired. least it applied to me. and i wonder why… Life is full of wonderful mysteries..some yet to be unfold :) be ready…for anything (the good and the bad).

No one say life is easy. But we can always be sure that we are not alone in all things. Someone is watching over us :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A scary experience for me, but an edifying testimony for theresa

Taken from her sister’s blog :

Theresa’s testimony

So here is her testimony in her own writing. I’ve skipped typing in Day 1 to shorten it; otherwise it is as unchanged and is as she wrote it. But I think she herself shortened it a lot as well, I see a lot of details missing like how she bumped her head real hard and how everyone was constantly checking her dying pulse, made an ‘A’ framed stretcher with wood from the jungle along with other stuff. I’m waiting on my younger brother who has the other side of this testimony as he carried her out the woods and how he saw things from his side of view. But here’s my 13 year old sister’s testimony first:

EYM Youth Camp

Before I attend the EYM Camp I was reluctant to go thinking that I will not get any benefits from the camp but somehow my brother registered me in. I went mad about it. He passed me the form and told me to fill it. I was thinking that why would I fill it, for I did not want to go. Somehow I felt that something was going to happen so I just fill it

(Sunday) 2nd Day, the day the incident happened

I woke up at 4:00 a.m. and waited for everyone to wake up. We had the ‘Egg Roll Call’ and the ‘Morning Physical Exercise’ by Lieutenant Abner Jerip. After the breakfast was ‘Sunday Service’. Next was the ‘Long March 1’ which was in a jungle. We were all heading to the waterfall which was very tough for there were hills, slippery stones, rocks and logs.

On the way back I slipped on a rock and fell hard into the water. As I fell down something shot up into my left leg. It was so painful and I started to cry. I could not breathe and my hands were shaking badly. As they put me on stretcher I knocked out, My surroundings were white except the sky. I could only hear and hear those who were around me even though my eyes were opened widely.

Then came this part when I slowly started to lose my breath. My heartbeat was very slow. Then I saw a white figure looking down on me from the sky saying ‘Theresa, you can do it. Do not give up for I am with you.” When I hear those words I tried my best to breathe. Unfortunately my heart stops for quite a time. Then I felt somebody on me. I mean when a person’s dead she or he cannot feel, hear, breathe, see or do any living person can do except I did. It was my soul. My soul was on me encouraging me not to give up. Then I felt my heart was on fire. It was hot and painful and I started to breathe again. Praise God for that. I’m alive!

Followed by was a time when I felt fire all over my body. It was so extremely hot. It felt like I’m in hell. I struggled to free myself. I heard prayers over me too which gave me the encouragement to carry on. Additionally as we were near to the farm house I started to laugh. I laugh because I was in a garden with God. It was a very beautiful and peaceful moment for me. Plus there were these kids who were clinging onto me and smiling at me. God was also encouraging me not to give up and saying that there were people who were helping me.

When we reach at the farmhouse I opened my eyes for a while wondering where I was and closed my eyes. A few seconds later I felt somebody push me up from the stretcher and I saw God. He told me to take off my bandages, get up and walk with Him. I was so excited and happy to see God. I started to scream that ‘I want to see him! I want to see God! I’m healed! Why wouldn’t you let me go hug Him?’ James and Maclean asked me who’s him and it took me quite a while to tell them that God was just behind them. Then I opened my bandages by myself and Maclean help to cut the shoelaces which were holding me back to the stretcher. And I got up and walked. I went up to God and hugged Him. Moreover he also pass me a message which is ‘I love you all no matter what. You are blessed. Use your life well. Do not ever give up. Have faith always in me.” After that I hugged everyone and passed them the message God has sent to me.

When we made the decision to walk back, I felt something under my feet (for one shoe was used as my pillow and the other was lost so I was without shoes). Something very soft and warm. Furthermore I saw white footsteps guiding me and a voice saying ‘Follow My steps, Theresa. Even if you slip I trust that you can pick yourself up again.’ So I followed even though there were times I almost slipped. Praise God!

I was happy that I’m a live for I’ve ever intended to kill myself many times. But God showed everyone plus me a miracle and a lesson I’ll never forget. When you surrender to God do not surrender half of yourself, surrender your whole to Him. Have faith no matter what. God loves us all. So surrender yourself to God now. It’ll be hard to cross your first hill but God is by your side and you can do anything with God by your side. God Loves You!


Haha. Last night someone brought up about marriage. This morning, there i was, flipping through the bible and saw this few interesting issue on marriage (mind you, this is a woman’s bible guys, dont think it is not applicable to goes both way)

How can i prevent financial issues from becoming stumbling blocks in my marriage? (Matthew 6:19-24)

Treasure your husband (treasure your wife)

There you are in the department store-face-to-face with an unbeatable sale! Yet you know the money in your purse is allocated for dry cleaning and that you agreed not to charge anything on your credit card. Still, you need this blouse (pants), and it normally sells twice as much. If you buy it, what will you tell your husband(wife)?

Financial accountability in marriage either can be a burdensome obligation or a sweet gesture of unification. When you and your spouse agree on spending limits, treasure him so much that you won’t violate your agreement.

Of course, some days you won’t feel like treasuring him(her), especially when he violates spending agreements. That’s why your marriage vows made before God help. On those days, you can ask God for a willingness to honor agreements with your spouse.

Money issues often pose tough questions: Do I serve God and treasure my spouse, or do I serve my desires to own more things and spend more money? Too often, these questions are dismissed lightly with words, such as, Look at how much I saved! But there’s a deeper issue involved. Who do you serve? Who do you treasure?

Good Words to remember:

Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also…You cannot serve both God and mammon. (Matthew 6:21,24)

P/s: this are lessons learnt that are put as examples in the bible that i have. haha.mind you it is not the scripture. only those with verses are the scripture. and i definitely did not write all this.

Many people nowadays might not be worrying about money as they have high-end job or they are hardworking or they are given the money by parents. But this is not just for money issues i guess. there are more to just money in a relationship and marriage. :)



Illustration purposes : PHOTOS


They are memories captured which touch the hearts of those who remembered

But how is it that even i’m touched so deeply even though i was not there?


As i flip through the photos in front of me

I realized

Where am i?


I began to ponder

And found out i took the road not taken

A road that is much more deserted and lonely


I wouldn’t say i regretted

but it’s different

The feeling of actually being on the road and thinking about the road

being humans, there are so many things that i want to achieve and yet i didn’t

I blame it on limitations

but when i look back


its not limitations

its me


time to wake up to a new revelation

and make a difference

it may not be in my expectations

may be higher or lower or even heading towards a different direction

but i’m moving

not because i want to (bit la)

but also it is time

hearts are moved

the fire is burning

lets go!

14 April 2010

Credits to photos in FBSL(don’t ask)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Have you ever came back from outside, walk into the bathroom, and realize there’s no water coming out from the pipe or shower? have you ever try walking around looking for water…trying your best to track where the gushing sound of water is coming from? have you ever face the dilemma of no water? I just did…all that just happen to me…

I dont know why..but this is the first time i realize i’m so afraid…not afraid of no water only, but there is something else that bothers me. How penang would be like in a few years time? Why my dream distrubs me so much? I know all these may be just the effect of not sleeping properly…but what if its not?

Signed off,


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Experience speaks for itself : Melancholy Thongs

This is an article i came across in one of my sis’s friends just to share… :)

I thought long and hard while I had my leisure shower. I have been doing a lot of thinking (or worrying rather, since that puts things in a clearer context) and I am mentally tired. Of course it’s self inflicted, you allow yourself to be worried.

I decided to put this post up to serve as a reminder to myself and those of you out there who may find this relevant to your situation. I gathered some of these through experience, some from reading and listening to people from all walks of life. Do note that everyone is different; one mans meat could be another man’s poison and this is MY view. Your view may vary, so please use your own wisdom to sieve out what’s irrelevant.

  1. Marriage is all about endurance, long suffering and hard work. It’s no honeymoon from then on and is bigger than a relationship: it’s now a partnership. I don’t believe in divorce and Marriage is NOT just a license to have sex; it is a lifetime commitment, compromise and constant battle to strike balance between each other along with their differences.
  2. When you argue and it seems like nobody is ready to listen, answer, “point taken,” instead of that long blasting sentence you were ready to spew in blind anger. It’s good to acknowledge you heard their opinion, even though you’re not ready to agree with them. They, on the other hand, just want affirmation – at least they know you will think about what they just said.
  3. Start with yourself. Even if you’re butt lazy like me who depends on other people to set the example first. Can’t just sit around and wait and feel sorry for myself. Be the example coz examples are easier to accept. With time who knows, they might catch on. Remember it is a partnership, never let things drag you or your faith and hope down. Allow down times, but take turns. Don’t break that bond with God coz He is what's holding you two together. So try not to end up BOTH feeling down and unable to support the other.
  4. You may talk the talk, but remember to walk the walk. Don’t preach what you cannot do unless it is not your sermon. Examine yourself, if you are a testimony, before you advice others.
  5. Count to 10 when mad… Try … and please take time to THINK instead of spewing whatever that comes to mind first. Chances are you may blurt what you don’t really mean. Take time to practice how to place your words. You’d be amazed at how the other can perceive you on a completely different perception (e.g. “I’m sorry I hurt you” and “I’m sorry you’re hurt”).
  6. Give benefit of a doubt that if the same thing gets repeated complaints, perhaps I should look into it? Humble myself coz there’s a chance I could be wrong or maybe something I missed? The only time a person really learns is when they are willing to listen
  7. Quality time is important. And quality here means undivided time. Multitasking in the background is not giving undivided time. Quality time is when you have your full focus on the person (Gary Chapman). Quality time is very important in a healthy relationship. Make time and stick to it.
  8. Try to be more positive and take a positive approach to the situation. Sometimes things are not as you assume. And nobody likes continued negative approach.
  9. Make a point to say nice things to each other and learn to listen more. Acknowledge and be attentive to improvements coz some of us run on appraisals to feel loved and need to make our efforts known.
  10. Pray, pray, pray and praise God that help is already on the way. It is always good to have a positive mindset. Better that, than losing hope and not telling the problem that nothing is too big for our God coz His work is finished on the cross. Know it, practice it faithfully.

Reference :


It has been long since i look back to that incident which happened. All this while it had never occurred to me how important and great is this testimony that I have. and i keep searching for a testimony.. this is just like trying to search for something that is in your hand. Why didn’t I just focus and stay on the path? Well…guess i was off the beat..i was off tune…

And today lesley just tune me back. On the 28 March 2010, I was tuned back to where i was. Looking at this in a different perspective. Years has pass…but something that God has let me experience will be deep inside.. 

28 MARCH 2010 – Lesley tuned me back :)