Monday, October 12, 2009

Month of October

*P/s: This post might be quite outdated when i post it. Due to slow internet connection. But originally it is written on the 12 october 2009 :) *

Month of October is such a wonderful month. Why do i say that???

1) Me darling(7 oct) and my birthday(10 oct) !!

2) My 2nd sister(9/10) and 4th sister(25/10) birthday !!

3) My prayer partner (Esther Hooi – 12/10) birthday !! haha.see…esther’s birthday in october! haha.

4) There are more and more coming up birthdays also in this month…haha..tomorrow…and next next week…its practically the whole month everyone is celebrating birthdays! haha..

This year, for my birthday, sad to say, I didn’t get to spend time with my family back in Kuching and also my darling in Penang :(

But but but… Hehe… my friends help me celebrate! hehe. Lets start our story of my 21st bday shall we…





On the 9 of October…far in the land of Penang, there lives a girl… a girl name Esther Chia. On that day, she was asked to attend a ball in Kim Gary, which is located in QUEENSBAY. The people who are involved are Cicakman, Mei, Susu, MY, Horse,Scrat,Michael Jordan(girl version)…

Thanks to her daughter name budak, she had a carriage driven by Mr HS to send her and her daughter, Mei and Cicakman to QUEENSBAY.  Much apologies to Scrat and Horse for not being able to let you join in the carriage… :)

ORDER ORDER! Order Food…Drinks… This is a ball whereby we get to choose our own food! :)

And see…This is a drink that Miss E chosen..blends well with Mei I see…hehe…

DSC00582 Then here comes the MOMENT

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you,

happy birthday to esther and xiao yun(mei),

happy birthday to you!!!

haha. xiao yun was so shocked. her birthday was not till november.but due to exam it has to be celebrated earlier… see how exams can cause misery to people??? sigh sigh..

Anyways…birthday cakes! Wishes! Gifts!!!





On the 10/10/09…when everyone is deep in sleep, there comes Esther Chia… walking towards room X-XX…it was 2am…no shadows nor sound are heard in the hall… no birds are chirping nor mosquitoes singing. at the moment the door was knocked…it swings sideways… and…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (by Miss A and LX)

come…see see what they have prepared for me… :)


WOW…All these? In their room??? Thank you so so much… :)101020096356 101020096359I’m 21!!!  :) 101020096358   Cheese cake!!! me favourite! jane…i will buy for you when we meet in dec :) so sorry cant keep for you..cant resist the temptations..haha..


Big head!!! :p


Miss LX and Miss A and Miss E!!!

And and and…

The gifts..hehe.important gifts of my 21st bday.. :)


Included in here are the blue…pig? (by me cg-adonai! thanks everyone)

the photo frame (by me coursemates! thanks again!)

the colourful heart key chain (by  me darling!)

The blinky blinky belt (by alina and ling xiang)

the scrapbook,i call it (from the kch gang plus a few of semenanjung ppl! hehe. thanks keira for making it!crystal for decorating it, shirley,siaw yin,lesley,cicak,michael,daniel,rou en for writing in it…i hope i din miss out anyone..haha..)


birthday cards (from pka, from church, from alina and ling xiang, zhen lik and ying hui)

Thank you so so much for everything! Oh..want to thank pastor sam as well for wishing me happy birthday..haha..shocked all right.and thanks to everyone who wish me on snl that night…

Thanks for the snl ppl who sang to me…sorry i cried..ahah..

Thanks to all the far away wishes that i got…from kuching,kl,australia,russia…

Thank you to the juniors, my batchie friends and also the older and prone to be dinosaurs for wishing me..haha..

Thanks to my family…which i haven seen the gifts just yet..haah..but really happy they wish me…though its so far away..hehe..thank you everyone! for making this happen.hugs..

This weekend me and my darling gona celebrate our belated bday together gether.ahha…till then..ciao~ haha…

and finally…


see ya ard.. :)

somehow i feel lk there are things i miss yea..i cant rmbr what is it..oh wel..hehe..long enough for this post :)

And oh is esther hooi’s birthday! haha.she actually gave me a nice of her..satisfy my choc this is a new theory…

instead of being blessed on your birthday,why dont you blessed others instead? thats something new right? ehhe..esther is so cool..i mean esther hooi..ahah..cheers~