Friday, September 11, 2009

Interersting SE

A few days back ( or should be about a week before today (12 september 2009)), i encounter the most interesting phenomena of my life….




Panic! Oh man…what’s going on????

I checked again…this is SERIOUS! What in the world…then i realize…

Its the way i put my handphone…


If you see properly, there is this red black hp down there.. (it is SUPPOSE to be a the black sony ericsson hp. but since i have to take picture, i have to find sthg to replace dont i?) ahah.

Ok…kids…nex time you wan2 put your hp in the bag..make sure…you lock your hp first..nothing like this happen to nokia the sony ericsson hp…yea..a few times..just not so many contacts untill A to B contacts are deleted.ahah.

Paling and most kesian contact is Abel..haha.He is the first contact due to A and B. no one beats when it comes to cases like this…no one beats him as well.he is the first and always kena deleted punya contact.haha.i always resaved like how many times d.haha.kesian him.

*** Attention to those whose name begin with A or B. Apologies for what happen.please do msg me so i can save your no again..ahha.Thanks for your cooperation… :) Friends Forever! Don’t angry yea.. :( haha..Cheers…