Monday, April 6, 2009



A very windy and cold day…to me. Forgive me. I just recovered from my fever. And we had breakfast…in Z library…thanks to J. Haha. You want prove? Ngehehe…see this…HAPPENING…haha…




Before i begin, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the below people…

1) Trinity (God,Jesus and Holy Spirit)

2) All the dinosaurs and second years

3) The first year committee (cikus or baby dinos)

This event was held on 27 Mac 2009 at CITYBAYVIEW HOTEL. Why does it took me so long to post this? Well…not to say because of busy university life. But more to because when i look back, I realize, this group of people I have met here in USM, though not everyone is close to one another, we serve one true God. And that is what makes us united. And it is also because of God that this night turn out…SPLENDID AND BLESSED.

What happened that night, will forever be unforgettable and meaningful. It is not just the programs, but the sparks and joy that we have.

The warmth and presence of God with us…Love,friendship,belonging,family.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Sad to say, my previous blog is facing problems...AGAIN. so here I'm, starting a new blog.

SIMPLE e-simplicityoflife

I pray this time it will be a permanent blog with no problems :)

To start it off...

let's introduce you to the TWEETY BIRD and MICKEY MOUSE of Kuching...

HeRe's another picture which will reveal who this true identity of the person...

****She is so gona kill me**** don't revenge on me with that photo oh...wana revenge use other photo..haha..or i will take it down if you really wana strangle me...haha..